A Results-Based Program

With Hands-On Guidance & Accountability

It’s hard to figure out everything that needs to happen for your practice to run effectively, and efficiently (i.e. technology, operations, marketing, staffing, finance, etc.).

But, here's good news...

There's a group coaching program geared towards solo and small firm attorneys that can provide you with hands-on guidance to make the powerful changes you want to make.

It's called 'LawFirm Co-Pilot', and it's designed to help lawyers like you take concrete action steps that will make your practice exponentially easier to manage. Specifically...

Co-Pilot will help you 

  • Create Documented Systems (i.e. eliminate the tedious parts of your practice).
  • Create an Email Marketing Newsletter (so you get more referrals & high-quality clients)
  • Automate document creation with special macros and templates (i.e. make work happen without any effort or attention on your part)
  • Outsource work to high-quality VA's (which you'll easily do because of the systems you'll create)
  • Work less without sacrificing income (because of the systems & automation you'll create, and the outsourcing you'll learn to do)

A Supportive Community

Join other lawyers just like you where you can log in to our Slack forum and ask questions, get feedback, or just lurk and read the inspiring discussions that happen on an ongoing basis.

And, as you make steady improvements, you'll gain confidence, knowing that every day your business is on a much better footing.

Just like Kerry Wallis...

“Before I joined I felt overwhelmed with so many things that I felt I should be doing but not knowing where to start.

Having access to Ernie & the other lawyers in this program helped me feel more confident and clear about what to do next. 

Usually, it's just me at my firm that is working on the business, and I hate feeling like it is all on my shoulders.

In Ernie's program I've been given concrete steps to improve my practice. All of it is very doable, and it never feels like too much.

This program has helped me to keep working “on” my business, not just “in” my business." —Kerry Wallis, Hermosa Beach, CA 

Common Questions

The most common questions about the Co-Pilot program, are about what's included, and what's the cost? So here are the answers to those questions...

1. What’s included?

Online Resources

There are well-crafted lessons that address different aspects of a typical solo or small firm law practice.

That's over $2,000 worth of programs if purchased separately.

Monthly Zoom Sessions

There are TWO (2) Monthly Zoom sessions, one related to operations, and one related to marketing

The Operations sessions are 100% focused on systems-building (e.g. documenting & refining procedures and policies)

  • You'll get access to the materials in the Systems Workshop (an $850 value). Essentially, the operations zoom sessions are like an ongoing hands-on workshop in systems-building.

The Marketing sessions are 100% focused on sending email newsletters (e.g. sending a monthly broadcast to top referral sources)

  • You'll get hands-on guidance to set up a free email marketing account that allows you to easily send monthly emails to top referral sources. And then you'll get hands-on guidance to help you write your monthly emails.

The zoom sessions also create the opportunity for robust discussion among participants (and the opportunity to ask questions about whatever you need help with). 

Recordings & Transcripts

The Zoom meetings are all recorded and transcribed so if you can’t make it to the live session you can watch the whole event, or just read the transcript. 

Topic discussions

Our lawyer-members have online discussions in a Slack workspace regarding topics like these:

  • Practice management software
  • Legal ethics issues
  • Paperless practice
  • Outsourcing & virtual assistance
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Client referrals
  • Remote practice strategies
  • Writing tips & tools
  • Web marketing & social media
  • Email productivity strategies

In addition to advice from Ernie and fellow lawyers, you'll also receive help from knowledgeable consultants that Ernie has invited into the Slack group.  

Finally, you'll have email access to Ernie and the ability to set up one-to-one phone calls or zoom meetings.

2. How much is the cost?

First of all, most lawyers who join consider the Co-Pilot program an investment rather than an expense.  

That said, the regular subscription is $159/month. but there is now a limited time... 


You can subscribe for MUCH LESS and try it for 30 days for only $5. You'll then continue for another 3 months being charged only $50/month (or you cancel at any time).

After 4-months your subscription will end automatically ‚with no additional billing (although you can re-enroll if you like).


This is a "hands-on, get stuff done" program. If you just want information that you never act on, the Co-Pilot program isn't for you.

In this program, you'll take ACTION and get RESULTS that matter. But, don't just take my word for it... 

Here's what members say:

Ernie helps lawyers overcome the “shiny object” black hole of technology in the practice of law by getting back to the basics of lawyers running a business and utilizing technology and systems in appropriate ways.” David Hoyt

“I really feel that Ernie understands the challenges lawyers face when running their business." —Bin Xia Zhang, Quebec, Canada

I have been practicing law for nearly 43 years. So, I’ve been around long enough to recognize the real deal. Ernie is the real deal.” – Tom Walker

"Will steer you clear of the distracting shiny objects and keeps you calmly focused on the essentials for success in the business of your law firm." —Page Kistler, Virginia Beach, Virginia

I’m a true believer. I think you are showing lawyers how to transform small-firm practices in a way I don’t see anyone else being able to do.” —Todd Smith

It is clear that you love helping people.”—Catherine Fairchild


If you're ready to take concrete action steps to improve your practice, then...

Sign up today

Just click here to get the special offer. (remember: you can try the program for 30 days for only $5 and then continue for an additional 3 months at $50/month. 

After four months your special subscription will be automatically canceled and you'll not be billed anymore —unless you decide to re-enroll at that point.