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Practice Management 101

If you're in a solo or small firm practice, you have limited resources that must be managed wisely.

You must lower your overhead as much as possible and maximize the ROI on all of your time, effort, and money.

Leveraging technology can help you make that happen. But, you need to use technology strategically and systematically.

The first step is to develop and then optimize paperless workflows. This will enable you to automate many of those workflows.

Doing so will save you vast amounts of time and money —and allow you to improve the quality of the work.

Finally, you should use outsourcing for even greater efficiency and cost savings. These are the strategic keys to leveraging technology to work smarter, not harder.

Lawyers who learn to work smarter confidently take on more work, make more money, and —most importantly— are able to enjoy more time off.

Too many lawyers are working too hard, not knowing that there's a better way. And that's why the Working Smarter course was created

Practical Benefits

After taking this course, you'll:

  • Have a clear roadmap for how to use technology at a much higher level

  • Make the necessary changes without any confusion, frustration or disruption

  • Improve your paperless workflows —which will enable greater automation

  • Streamline key workflows and lower your overhead, to in turn, enable greater profitability

  • Automate more work so everything gets done when it's supposed to and at much lower cost—and free up more of your precious time

  • Outsource more work, and completely remove yourself from whole areas of your practice (and only do the stuff you love doing)

  • Eliminate cyber-threats, and learn the best ways to keep your sensitive data protected from cyber criminals

  • Evaluate software confidently (with a battle-tested approach that enables you to adopt only the truly valuable stuff)

  • Develop checklist systems so your practice will run MUCH better —even when you’re away from it, doing fun things that make you happy

You'll Learn Fast!

The lessons have been designed to help you make improvements as quickly and easily as possible

The main videos will take less than 75 minutes to watch (each video is between 2 and 5 minutes long, so you'll make progress quickly and easily).

There are optional bonus video lessons, which you can watch if you want to delve deeper into a particular area of interest.

Lawyers love working smarter...

"I can honestly say that I’m years ahead now because of this."

Keith Magness

"Taught me to develop systems to make my law practice much more efficient & profitable."

Christine Senne

"I wish I had known about this excellent program years ago!"

Ken Curtis

"Wonderful concrete advice: use this, don’t use that."

Addie Prewitt

"This has been a lifesaver for me as I have grown my practice."

Charles Irvin

"My law practice has grown exponentially"

Stephanie Quigley

"I can't say enough about how much this has helped my practice."

Bin Xia Zhang

"Recommended to anyone who wants to work smarter while watching others run in circles."

Catherine Fairchild

Course Curriculum

Take a look at the lessons👇

    1. Welcome From Ernie

    2. How to Get the Most Out of The Course

    3. How to join the private discussion area

    1. How Technology Can Help You Exploit Incredible New Opportunities

    2. How to Leverage Technology

    3. How to Leverage Information

    4. How to Better Leverage Your Knowledge

    5. Your Practice is a "Knowledge Factory"

    6. Optimizing Your Knowledge Factory

    7. How to Keep Things Simple (which is vital in dealing with complex technology)

    8. Why Effectiveness Matters More than Efficiency

    9. What You Should Know about Scalability (maybe it's not what you want)

    10. The Importance of Making Information Visual and Easier to Remember

    11. A Super Quick Review of Key Principles

    1. Overview of Automation

    2. Paperless Law Practice

    3. Text Automation Essentials

    4. Automated Writing & Editing

    5. Automated Legal Writing

    6. Advanced Text Automation

    7. Formatting Automation

    8. Templating Automation

    9. Voice-to-Text Automation

    10. Email Automation

    11. Automated Transcription

    12. Automated Scheduling

    13. Krisp Audio Magic

    14. Automation Caveats

    15. Security & Data Protection

    16. Delegation Principles

    17. Leveraging Outsourcing

    18. Leveraging Video

    19. Understanding Tech Tradeoffs

    20. How to Select the Best Technology

    21. Review of Tech Principles

    1. Key Benefits of Systems

    2. Systems & Knowledge Work

    3. Principles for Creating Systems

    4. Challenges with Systems

    5. Types of Systems

    6. Productivity Systems

    7. Focus Systems

    8. Delegation Systems

    9. Keys to Effective Delegation

    10. Automation Systems

    11. Exactly How to Document Workflows

    12. Best Tool for Documenting Workflows

    13. Review of Systems Principles

    1. Continued Success

    2. Next Steps...

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Still Have Questions?

(here are the most common ones)

  • What's included in the course?

    There are 60+ lessons, including the bonus lessons, most of which are short videos. You'll also receive lessons by email to make it even easier & convenient to learn. Plus are invited to schedule a free call to talk with Ernie about whatever you want (a $250 value). And you get free lifetime access to the Paperless Lawyering course (a $97 value)

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    Forever. You can pause, rewind, and revisit lessons whenever you wish. And if you forget your password or have tech issues, we'll ensure you get access.

  • Does it matter what technology I use?

    No, it doesn't matter what computer or smartphone you use. Whatever tech/software recommendations are made, they are cross-platform tools/apps (or are cloud-based) so it doesn't matter what devices you're using.

  • How long will it take to complete the course?

    You can watch the video lessons in 75 minutes. The text lessons might take an extra 30 minutes. The bonus materials (which are optional) might take an additional hour. So, no more than 3 hours for everything.

  • How does this relate to your other programs?

    This course is a CONCISE compendium of essentials you need to know/use to optimize your law practice for the "Digital Age." So, I REQUIRE folks to sign up for this before they can sign up for any other program I offer.

  • How tech savvy do I need to be?

    This course is best suited to lawyers whose comfort level with technology is between "not that comfortable" and "fairly comfortable." If you are exceptionally adept at using technology, you may not appreciate it as much (although the focus on essential principles is important for everyone who wishes to get the most out of modern technology)

  • Will I be able to get personal guidance?

    Yes, you can set up a free call (or zoom session) with Ernie. You'll see that option listed in the "Bonus" section of the course.

  • What if I'm not satisfied with the course?

    We don't want you to be stuck with a course you won't use or benefit from, which is why we offer a 30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee of your complete satisfaction.

  • What happens right after I enroll?

    As soon as you enroll you'll be placed directly into the course where you'll watch a 5-minute welcome video. Ernie Svenson will give you a tour of the course lessons, and explain how to get the most out of the course.

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