An Extraordinary Virtual Event

In May of 2020, we hosted a 3-day virtual conference right as the pandemic was taking hold. 

Our mission was to help lawyers who were eager to make big improvements in their practices. Almost 200 lawyers from around the country attended. 

Here's what some of them said: 

  • "The things I learned were simply invaluable!"—Susan H.
  • "This was a blessing for me."—Joanna B.
  • "So much great stuff to implement!"—Emily C.
  • "The sessions covered exactly the things I've been wanting to learn about. Thank you!"—Charles H.
  • "This has been great! Thank you for the extraordinary effort to pull this off."—Cristina A.
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed it. I just used for research and had a wonderful experience!"— Art F.
  • "I appreciated every second and I can’t thank you enough!"—Erin P.
  • "All in all it was wonderful!"—Cathleen C.
  • "I was recently laid off and wanting to start my own PI practice from home. I was having doubt whether I could pull this off but...I now have absolute certainty I can run my whole practice virtually. I'm sincerely grateful this happened at this exact moment in my life."—Adam J.

Amazing Speakers

The main reason for our success was due to the  many nationally recognized law firm consultants, marketing experts and successful lawyers who participated. 

As the comments above make clear, the sessions provided uncommonly actionable advice. 

And now you can get access to the recordings of those sessions.

Just a Few of the Benefits

These recordings will help you...

  • Get a clear roadmap of exactly how to build the law practice you most want to have

  • Learn about systems from a lawyer who literally wrote the book on systems for lawyers

  • Discover how you can create a profitable practice where you earn what you deserve for all your hard work

  • Learn to automate workflows in your practice that most need to be frictionless (and reliable)

  • Outsource more work, and completely remove yourself from whole areas of your practice (and only do the stuff you love doing)

  • Learn how to attract more high-quality clients, using online marketing strategies that are cost-effective and powerful

  • Eliminate cyber-threats, and learn the best ways to keep your sensitive data protected from cyber crimi

  • Evaluate practice management software confidently with special guidance from two different experts

  • Learn how you can run your practice from anywhere in the world (including a beach in the South Pacific)

Take a Closer Look

Browse through all of the sessions

    1. Welcome & Introduction

    2. Vision/Goals: Brainstorming Workbook

    3. Access the Private "Inner Circle" Area

    1. How Using Systems Will Transform Your Practice (with John Fisher) - 49 Mins

    2. Improved Finances by Measuring KPIs (with Patrick Slaughter) - 52 mins

    3. Accounting Essentials for Lawyers (with CPA Amanda Aguillard) - 31 Mins

    4. Creating More Profit In Your Law Firm (with Melissa Shanahan) - 52 Mins

    5. How to use Subscription-Based Billing to Create Steady Cash Flow (with Andrew Legrand) - 39 Mins

    6. How to Create a Virtual Law Firm & Work Anywhere (with Elise Buie) - 28 Mins

    1. Text Automation on Steroids using TextExpander (with Brett Burney) - 41 Mins

    2. Best Practices for Voice Dictation (with David Sparks)- 51 Mins

    3. Secure Your Data From Cyber Attack (with Craig Bayer) - 49 Mins

    4. Digital Security for Law Firms (PDF Download)

    5. Automated Client Scheduling is Game-Changing (with Megan Hargroder) - 10 Mins

    6. How to Set Up Automated Scheduling in Acuity (with Megan Hargroder) - 40 Mins

    7. How to Choose Practice Management Software (with Jared Correia)- 33 Mins

    8. A Lawyer's View on Practice Management Software (Dane Ciolino) - 35 Mins

    9. How to sell an online course for your law business (with Joey Vitale) - 43 Mins

    1. Marketing Essentials for Lawyers (with Ernie Svenson) - 19 Mins

    2. The A.R.T. of Effective Marketing (PDF Download)

    3. The 3 Keys to a Personal Brand (with Mike Kim) - 28 Mins

    4. Top 5 Law Firm Marketing Myths (with Mark Homer) - 1 Hour

    5. D.I.Y. Online Marketing Tips (with Conrad Saam) - 1 Hour & 23 Mins

    6. Growing a Law Practice Through "Community Marketing" (with Daryl Gray) - 23 Mins

    7. How a Small Town Lawyer (population 6,596) Attracts Great Clients - Parker Layrisson - 47 Mins

    8. How Podcasts Enhance Your Reputation (with Danny Ozment) - 30 Mins

    1. Guide to Mobile Lawyering

    2. An Essential Guide To Working Remotely (with Rio Peterson) - 44 Mins

    3. Using Professional, Affordable Virtual Receptionists (with Maddy Martin) - 21 Mins

    4. The Legal Road Warrior's Power Guide (Adriana Linares & Henry Herman) - 33 Mins

    5. How to Hire On-Demand Remote Lawyers Easily & Ethically (with Kristin Tyler) - 31 Mins

    6. Radical Tech Innovation in State Courts (with Judge Scott Schlegel) - 42 Mins

    1. How To Choose Technology for Your Law Firm (with Chelsey Lambert) - 25 Mins

    2. Insidious Bias & Decision-Making (with Claude Ducloux) - 1 Hour

    3. What Digital Documents Say to Those Who Can Listen (with Craig Ball) - 90 Mins

    4. Visual Persuasion for Trial Lawyers (with Ernie Svenson)- 40 Mins

    5. The Future of Law: Good For Some & Bad For Others (with Mike Whelan) - 55 Mins

Small Firm Bootcamp

  • Exceptional Presentations
  • Actionable Recommendations
  • Available Now at a Special Price!

Take Advantage Now!

Back in 2020, the regular price of the Bootcamp was $850, which people were happy to pay. And the acclaim (after the event) was resounding.

But the sessions still have value. At least for lawyers who can access to them. And now many more can.

And access can now be had at almost half the price the original attendees paid.

We have made the recordings available to folks in our Co-Pilot Mastermind program. And they have found the sessions tremendously helpful.

And now, for a limited time, they're available to anyone who wants them (and at a steeply discounted price).

And Best of All?

You Can Sign Up With No Risk!

Because the Bootcamp recordings come with a no-questions-asked 30-day Full-Money-Back Guarantee.

Common Questions

  • What's included with the recordings?

    Well most importantly you get to watch 30 high-quality video recordings. Plus there are bonus resources that include PDF downloads, checklists and more. And you'll be invited to join a private "Inner Circle" where you can ask questions of the consultants, marketing experts and lawyers who presented at the Bootcamp.

  • How long will I have access to the recordings?

    Forever. You can pause, rewind, and revisit sessions whenever you wish. And if you forget your password or have tech issues, we'll ensure you get access.

  • How does this relate to your other programs?

    It's a perfect compliment to the Working Smarter course, and the Co-Pilot Mastermind. program. And it's so valuable to people starting a new firm that we include it as a bonus for the Starting a New Firm course.

  • What if I'm not satisfied with the recordings?

    We don't want you to be stuck with something you aren't going to use, which is why we offer a 30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee of your complete satisfaction.

  • Do you offer discounts for new lawyers?

    We want everyone to be able to benefit from the program, regardless of income level. If you feel you can't afford the regular price, book a free call with Ernie to and he'll see how he can help.

  • What happens right after I purchase?

    As soon as you enroll, you'll be placed directly into an area where you can immediately start viewing all the program sessions.

Our Bootcamp Sponsors

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