A Sanctuary for Sensible Discussions

The 'Inner Circle' is a place for thoughtful lawyers to gather and discuss important tech topics like automation, outsourcing, and cyber-security

But we also discuss effective practice management and marketing (particularly low-cost, high-impact ways to get more high-quality clients)

Why are these discussions important? Well, let's start with...


Technology is hard to learn on your own. We feel more confident when we can talk to others about their experiences using various kinds of technology.

New technology is always emerging, and so we often must decide whether to adopt it. For example👇

 If we're connected in the right way, it's possible to get thoughtful guidance like this👇

 So fostering helpful discussions about tech stuff is valuable. But it's also important to learn about the...

Business of Law

Practice management software is something many solo & small firm lawyers use (but 25% do not use it). So this question generates a lot of discussions.

But, here's something more important than practice management software in a well-run law practice👇

Of course, lawyers also have questions about how they can take more advantage of...


The best answers to these questions are usually based on personal experience.👇

Judges also seek other perspectives because some of them are trying to improve...

Judicial Efficiency

Wouldn't it be nice to find more judges talking about things like this? 👇

Well in our group you will. But judicial efficiency depends on more than just judges. There are lots of different folks who work in our court systems

We want everyone in the justice system to participate, not just judges.

Because, the more thoughtful perspectives we can curate, the better for everyone. But, all of that said, we have to be realistic and admit something.

Not For Everyone

We don't want just anyone to join. For example, someone who's interested in this👇is not a good fit.

Here's the deal...

If you do not understand that being helpful and thoughtful is more important than being self-promotional, do not join this group.

However, if you value listening, learning, and helping, then Inner Circle is for you (it's free to join, for now) 👉Click here to join.

Top FAQs

1. Isn't this just like Slack?

No, because the Inner Circle is built on a platform designed for community discussions, not business chat.

There are so many ways this is different than Slack, but you probably have see it for yourself to truly understand.😏

2. Isn't this just another place to log into?

Yes, logging in here is an extra thing to do. 😏 But you only need to log in if you want to participate in the discussions.

Even if you don't ever log in, you can still follow some of the discussions because of the... 

Weekly Digest

There's a Weekly Digest that goes out every Thursday, which provides a summary of the top posts and comments.

Here's a small taste 👇

But maybe none of this interests you. If not, that's fine.

Let's be clear!

We don't want more members just to have more members.🤨

We want thoughtful members who can share useful tips, best practices, and insights. 

Non-lawyers can join too?

Sure, why not? We want law firm staff members to join because they also have important perspectives.

And we welcome the perspectives of various consultants. But, we do NOT allow any kind of pitching or self-promotion.🤨🚫 (consultants, please read our "Guidelines for Consultants")

Bottom Line

We will ensure this is a sanctuary where we can all learn, help each other, and have real conversations. With no distractions.

Benefits of Membership

  • Online Sessions - software demos, useful Q & A, plus helpful tech recommendations & insights

  • Friendly discussions with fellow attorneys & other professionals (the best benefit! 🤗)

  • Free courses on topics like paperless workflows, automation, and outsourcing

  • Help from 🌟top-notch consultants offering trustworthy guidance (🚫 no self-promotion)

  • Weekly Digest A valuable summary of the best forum posts & comments by our members.

  • Members-only discounts on top-tier programs (only available inside the Inner Circle)

Managed by Ernie Svenson

And who is he, exactly?

You can read about him here. Or check out what these lawyers👇have said...

Ernie helps lawyers overcome the “shiny object” black hole of technology, and get back to the basics of running a business” David Hoyt, Jefferson City, IA

"Ernie helped me go paperless. And now I feel completely liberated." —Darlene Danielle

“Ernie understands the challenges solo lawyers face in running their business." —Bin Xia Zhang, Quebec, Canada

I have been practicing law for nearly 43 years, long enough to recognize the real deal. Ernie is the real deal.” – Tom Walker, Boise, ID

"Will steer you clear of the distracting shiny objects and keeps you calmly focused on the essentials." —Page Kistler, Virginia Beach, VA

"Ernie shows lawyers how to transform their practices in a way I don’t see anyone else doing.” —Todd Smith, Austin, TX

It's clear that Ernie loves helping people.”—Catherine Fairchild, Baton Rouge, LA

So is Inner Circle for you?

If you'd like to join, it's free (for now). Just click below. 👇

An Example of Our Discussions

The premise of Inner Circle is this: when we share personal experiences with the technology we use in our practices, we can gain useful insights.

What might this kind of lawyer-to-lawyer sharing look like? 

Well, like this 👇

Does this appeal to you?

If you're interested in our group, it's free to join (for now). Click the button below if you want to join.

More FAQs

  • Why did you start this community?

    Because our Slack group wasn't fostering many useful discussions.😏 And discussions on Facebook are...well, you know. 😖😩 This community is hosted on a platform that costs over $100/month for us (it's called "Circle.so"), but it has all the features needed to facilitate the kind of thoughtful discussions I want to stimulate. So it's TOTALLY worth my investment.😉👍🏻

  • How will you ensure the discussions remain useful?

    We've given fair warning that cheesy self-promotion isn't allowed. Nor is any kind of rudeness. 🚫 If someone violates our rules, we'll give them a warning. If they do it again, we'll restrict their ability to post (i.e., they'll need approval). And, in extreme cases, we'll just kick them out.🤨

  • Will it always be free to join?

    No, I'm allowing people to join for free during the initial launch period. I've learned that high-quality discussions are hard to maintain if a group gets too big or too many people join for the wrong reasons. So, I'll be discontinuing the free membership option soon.

  • Can we invite others to join?

    Sure, and I encourage you to invite any lawyer, judge, or legal professional to join if you feel like they're thoughtful and well suited to our group. 😉👍🏻 Just send them the link to this webpage.✅

  • I'm a non-lawyer consultant, can I join?

    We want anyone who can provide value to the community to join, so yes we allow consultants. But first, read our Guidelines for Consultants and then you can sign up on that page if you decide to join.