Course Description

Too many lawyers struggle to get a "cash flow friendly" stream of high-quality clients. The problem is they don't know the vital elements of effective marketing.

Most solo & small firm lawyers have vague assumptions about how marketing works. This ignorance creates insidious dangers.

For example, when lawyers become too desperate for clients they tend to trust people who don't understand the "infinite game" (as described by best selling author/speaker Simon Sinek).

If you've been given bad marketing advice, or if you feel less than 100% certain how to market your practice effectively do NOT spend any more money.

Instead, sign up for this course.

What You'll Learn in this Course

This course will help you finally understand the battle-tested principles of effective marketing so that:

1. You'll avoid being taken advantage of (i.e. wasting valuable time and money on tactics that attract lots of low-quality clients who constantly grumble and cause way more trouble than they're worth).

2. You'll learn how to start getting high-quality clients without spending any money (i.e. spend nothing on advertising, websites, or consulting)

3. You'll learn the precise sequence of steps you should take to build out a fully-developed (partially automated) marketing system.

Your Instructors

This course is taught by Megan Graham and Ernie Svenson, nationally-recognized specialists who are devoted to helping solo and small firm attorneys get better clients through smart marketing strategies.

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  • Recordings of a series of in-depth webinars 
  • Lessons on how to start getting high-quality clients without spending any money (i.e. spend nothing on advertising, websites, or consulting)
  • Lessons to help you understand the precise sequence of steps you should take to build out a fully-developed (partially automated) marketing system.

Who is this program for?

It's perfect for:

  • Attorneys who need more HIGH-QUALITY clients and are uncertain about how to get them in the simplest, most cost-effective way (hint: it's through referral marketing for reasons we'll explain in detail)
  • Attorneys who've tried advertising but gotten paltry results, or only temporary results that stopped working after a few months.
  • Attorneys who are thinking about having a website, or have one but want to upgrade it.
  • Attorneys who are planning to start their own firm soon (you have to have a marketing plan in place BEFORE you start!)
  • Anyone who wants to learn proper online marketing (i.e building trust with complete strangers)
  • Staff members of a law firm who are responsible for managing a firm's marketing

Ignorance is NOT Bliss!

When it comes to marketing you absolutely MUST understand how to get the kind of clients you most want to work with.

When you don't understand the tried-and-true marketing principles, you'll spend unwisely, get poor results, feel bewildered and frustrated. And be taken advantage of.

After you complete this course you'll know how to spend your time and money wisely, to get the best possible clients. 

Which will make your life a LOT easier and make you MUCH happier in your practice. Which is what you deserve for doing all that hard work, right?

Instructor Ernie Svenson

I help lawyers get more done with much less effort by using the 80/20 principle — combined with the power of modern technology.(click to learn more)

Course curriculum

    1. How to benefit from this program

    2. The Infinite Game

    3. Outline of Key Marketing Principles

    4. Effective Marketing Principles: And a Brutal Truth

    5. The Key Principles of Effective Marketing (11 Min Video)

    1. Best Books for Lawyers on Marketing

    2. 5 Big Myths about Law Firm Marketing - Presented by Mark Homer

    3. Know-Like-Trust Overview, Authority Signals, Pricing & Closing, and Funnels + Q&A

    1. 3 Types of Clients

    2. Your magic client insight guide

    1. The Keys to Getting More Great Clients (because you want the right clients, not just any clients)

    2. A.R.T.A. Explained

    3. The 4 Steps That Lead to Prospective Clients Fully Trusting You

    4. The A.R.T. of Marketing

    1. The "Grunt Test" - You Have 5 Seconds to Pass

    2. What's the best lawyer website software?

    3. 33 Things You Can Do Yourself (or Shouldn't Do) To Market via a Website - Featuring Conrad Saam

    4. Website Health Check Up - With Megan Hargroder

    5. 3 Google Analytics Marketing Metrics to Check:

    6. FAQs Pages

    7. SEO Basics

    8. SEO - Traps for the Unwary

    9. How To Prep Your Site For Voice Search

    1. David Bravo Website: Personal Injury Lawyer

    2. Allen Farshi Website: Personal Injury Lawyer

    3. Michael Calogero - Estate Planning Atty

    4. John Roberts: Elder Law

    5. Lawrence D. Church: Unclear What Type of Practice

    6. Richey & Greenlee: Multi-Practice Law Firm

    7. Special Examination: Ernie Svenson's Lame Early Marketing Efforts

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