Why you need this

Having automated scheduling is like having a personal assistant working for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once you set up your automated scheduling system, you never need to mess with it again.

Do you want potential clients to pay you upfront? And would you like this to happen automatically? Then you'll love Acuity Scheduling.

You might also like other scheduling apps like Calendly, which is quite popular. But we recommend Acuity, and that's the one we can help you get started with.

And so if you decide to use Acuity, this course will show you exactly how to set it all up — so you can start automatically booking new consultations with ease. 

Course curriculum

    1. Example of Automated Scheduling

    2. Automating Your Client Scheduling Using Acuity - 10 Min Video

    3. Video Demonstration of How to Set Up Acuity Scheduling - 40 Mins

    1. Creating Your Account

    2. Connecting Your Calendar

    3. Your Availability

    4. Billing / Account Types

    1. How to set up a Free Consultation Option

    2. How to set up a Paid Consultation Scheduling Option

    3. Connecting Payment Methods

    4. Bookkeeping System Integrations

    5. Zoom Integration

    6. Intake Forms

    1. Initial Confirmation Email Customization

    2. How to Customize Automated Reminders

    3. Automatic Follow Ups

    1. Integrating Scheduling Links on Your Website

    2. Create TextExpander Snippets

    3. Add Links to Your Email Signature

    1. Acuity Help Desk Documentation

Every lawyer needs this!