Harsh Truth

Most attorneys don't have good systems for doing their work. And they don't document procedures. 

Realize this...

Lawyers do complex knowledge work. That is, we solve problems using our minds, by thinking to find solutions.

Managing information is vital to our work. Lest we miss a deadline, misconstrue a contract provision, or fail to notice an important piece of evidence.

Most of this information we deal with is stored in computers. Which adds new kinds of complexity.

I'm sure you understand this.

Systems are Vital

Systems are the solution to complexity. 

Systems are essential for a smooth-running law practice. One where everything happens reliably and with effortless efficiency. 

Systems enable you to better manage your information. Systems make it possible to leverage technology (i.e., to automate and outsource). 

With systems in place, your practice will thrive.

Bad news

Without systems, your work is more likely to be done haphazardly. 

Without systems, the work you delegate to others will wind up being substandard.

Without systems, you'll find technology more frustrating than helpful.

In short, the absence of systems leads to chaos, confusion...or possibly even ethics violations and malpractice claims.

Good news

Creating systems is not complicated (it's pretty simple, actually). And it's also pretty easy —if you follow a well-conceived process.

Mostly, it requires writing things down.

As in writing down the steps for doing any task that needs to be done. 

This is the Key

When procedures are written down (and used as an ongoing guide), the results from your work will improve steadily, consistently, and continuously.

Bringing in new clients will be easier. Bringing in new staff members too. 

Everything becomes easier with systems in place. This is an unassailable fact. 

Developing Systems

Creating systems can be daunting, especially for solo lawyers —or ones in small firms (i.e., 2 to 5 attorneys). 

Figuring out how to implement systems on your own is especially hard. 

Reading books, surfing the web, or watching YouTube videos doesn't seem to help us get over the hump.

And that's why the Law Firm Systems workshop was created. To help you get started using...

Best Practices

Systematizing should be done according to best practices. That makes sense, right?

Learning from someone who has figured out the best way to create law firm systems also makes sense. 

Especially in learning how to leverage technology.

I can help

After over two decades of in-the-trenches experience with technology, mostly software and apps related to the practice of law...

I've figured out the best way to document systems, one that works for any lawyer in any kind of practice.

I've learned how to use systems to better leverage technology in a small law practice.

And after going through the Systems Workshop, you'll know how as well.

Best Way to Learn

In the Systems Workshop, you'll learn through hands-on experience. This is the best way to learn.

That is, you’ll learn by documenting procedures under expert supervision. And you'll be given pre-fabricated procedures to learn from. 

Lawyers appreciate this approach —which is not surprising. 

Once you get the knack for documenting procedures, you’ll find it easy to keep going on your own.

Just Imagine

How much happier will you be, knowing that all of your work is being done exactly according to your standards and specifications?

Well, that’s what this workshop will help you accomplish.

Lawyers say it's invaluable...

A welcome cure

Jeff Lewis

“I was sick recently, and…my team followed the systems I have in place, brought in four new matters, and got some mandatory court filings done — all in my absence. I really appreciate all that I learned in this workshop."

Timely & Important

Lynn Coleman

"The Workshop could not have come at a better time! Documenting procedures is soooooo important for me."

Very Valuable

Dwight Yellin

"The Workshop provided a way to look closely at my law firm's systems. And seeing how other people do their processes was very valuable as well."

Highly Recommended!

Joe O'Keefe

"Highly recommended for lawyers looking for a way to systemize the things that need to be done to run a law firm...and more importantly, to run it your way."

Gave me the push I needed

Tanya Nebo

"Sometimes I ask myself 'how did I do practice law for so long without having systems in place?' This workshop gave me the push I needed to start creating processes. And to not overthink the way I go about creating my processes."

Mindset shifting

Chris Jaglowitz

"My biggest obstacle before the workshop was mindset and not having the habit of documenting systems. I now take the time to document things I do (whether work or admin/financial stuff) to make it easier to repeat those steps and to delegate them to other people."

Helped overcome procrastination

Lynnelle Loke Moore

"The workshop helped me overcome procrastination because we had a schedule. I most appreciated the demonstrations of how to use the documentation tools and walking through people's homework with the entire class."

A Unique Workshop

You start learning IMMEDIATELY after signing up

This program begins with self-study lessons. In other words, you don't have to wait for the next live workshop to start learning.

As soon as you enroll, you'll be able to start working through the foundational lessons (and you probably should). 

Work through these lessons at your convenience, and then...

When the next live workshop begins, you'll be much better prepared.

No Pressure, No Worries

You don't have to do the self-study lessons if you prefer not to. But if you can start learning before the live workshop, I recommend you do so.

And I recommend you sign up sooner rather than later anyway. But it's up to you...

The Next Live Workshop

Will begin on January 13th of 2023

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Perhaps You Have Questions?

These are the common ones we get...

  • What if I can't attend the January 13th workshop?

    If you know FOR SURE that you want to attend, then you should enroll now. First, if you enroll now, you'll be eligible to take the live workshop whenever it is offered again —for as many times as you want (no guarantee that this perk will be offered again). Also, you'll get immediate access to the starter lessons, which you should go through as soon as possible (at your convenience, of course). Plus, the price of registration will undoubtedly go up in the coming months.

  • How many weeks long is the workshop?

    The workshop sessions take place over four weeks. The Zoom sessions will take place on Fridays and last between 60 to 90 minutes. The zoom sessions are recorded and transcribed in case you can't make a particular session.

  • What kind of hands-on guidance will I get?

    Once the live workshop begins, we will provide you with pre-fabricated procedures that you will learn to work with and refine. You'll also draft your own procedures (based on what's most relevant to your practice) and get direct feedback from Ernie on how to improve those procedures. But you'll get personal guidance as soon as you enroll through the 4-months of free access you receive to the Co-Pilot program.

  • Remind me why I should enroll now?

    As noted, you'll get immediate access to the course lessons AND the bonus materials. If you study the foundational materials, you'll be better prepared for the live workshop. Plus, the bonus materials are valuable as well. And the price for joining the workshop may go up before the next live event.

  • What bonuses do I get if I enroll now?

    You get access to the Working Smarter course, which is what you should start studying first. And you get complimentary 4-month enrollment in the Co-Pilot coaching program, which offers 2 live zoom sessions per month, where we discuss systems, and the principles and tactics for systematizing your practice.

  • What's the monetary value of the bonuses?

    The Working Smarter course is valued at $397, and the Co-Pilot subscription is $159/month, and so your 4-month complimentary enrollment is worth $636. Finally, access to the Virtual Bootcamp recordings is worth $495. So the TOTAL VALUE of the BONUSES is just over $1,500

  • How long will I have access to the resources?

    You will have access to the online course materials forever. And you'll be permitted to participate in future live workshops at no additional charge. (There's no promise that people who register for the workshop in the future will receive this valuable benefit)

  • What will happen right after I sign up?

    You'll immediately get access to all materials (plus bonuses). You should start by going through the Working Smarter course, which will be available as soon you register. Of course, if you just want access to the Working Smarter course, you can purchase it separately for just $397.