Elevate Your Law Practice

Work Less | Earn More | Be Happier

The Key to Success

If you’re a solo or small firm lawyer, you must get more work done with less effort.

The first step is to create a paperless practice. Then learn how to take advantage of automation and outsourcing.

Doing this will enable you to:

  • Dramatically lower your overhead (and keep much more of what you earn)

  • Create documents up to 300% faster (with fewer mistakes or problems)

  • Blitz through emails using canned responses created with text automation macros

  • Find any document you need in 15 seconds or less (even if all you have is a smartphone)

  • Work from anywhere (e.g. a plane flying at 30,000 feet, or a cruise ship in the Caribbean)

  • Keep your valuable data secure from cyber-criminals (step #1: use a password manager)

  • Find and hire low-cost, highly skilled virtual assistants (it's easier than you imagine)

  • Take more time away from work to relax and have fun (think: long vacations)

Leverage Technology

and work smarter (not harder)

Because here's what it will feel like when you finally do...

  • "I feel reinvigorated about my practice." — Jimmy Go

  • "Thanks to you, damn near most of my payment, docs and communication is getting systematically automated." — Wes Bailey

  • "Your recommendations helped me go paperless. And now I feel completely liberated." —Darlene Danielle

  • "Gads, I haven't been this excited about my business in years." — Jospeh Rockne

  • "I learned to develop systems to make my practice more efficient and profitable." —Christine Senne

How do I know?

Please allow me to introduce myself...

I'm Ernie Svenson, a New Orleans lawyer who spent 18 years working in a big firm with fancy offices on the 40th floor of a tall building.

The firm handled complex business cases that depended on well-paid paralegals who organized endless piles of documents.

One day, I discovered that I could scan hundreds of boxes of paper into a 2-pound laptop and henceforth handle complex cases all by myself. 

I then left the big firm to start a low-overhead, highly enjoyable solo practice.

My #1 Mission

Other lawyers noticed what I'd done and wanted me to teach them to do the same for their practices. So I did.

I was invited to speak at conferences like the ABA Tech Show in Chicago. Then, ABA asked me to author some books on technology. And in 2018, they gave me a special award.

Shortly after that, I gave up practicing law to focus full-time on helping lawyers who wanted to revamp their practices. 

So what about you?

⚠️ Keep in Mind!

Technology must be used EFFECTIVELY

If you use technology haphazardly (as too many lawyers do), you’ll endure disappointment and frustration.👇

But if you're strategic & patient

You can create a more relaxed, enjoyable practice.👇

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